Caring for Your House


All chimneys and traditional chimney pots in Port Sunlight’s listed homes are protected features. This includes chimneys at the front, sides and rear of the property and outhouse chimneys (if any). Chimney finishes, details and materials contribute to the heritage value of the listed homes and the character of the conservation area.

Demolition or large scale repair or rebuilding of chimneys or removal of traditional chimney pots will require Listed Building Consent from Wirral Council and permission from PSVT. Inappropriate alterations, particularly the use of sand and cement pointing mortars, damage the traditional brick and sandstone typically used for the houses and affect their longevity.

Because of their inaccessible location and their exposed condition, chimneys are often in worse condition than the rest of your house. Common deteriorated conditions include open mortar joints, plants growing out of the chimneys and loose or detached flaunching. There are opportunities for neighbours to work together to commission investigation and repair of shared chimneys. Costs for scaffolding could be shared and ‘bulk buying’ repairs could lower individual costs.

For information on how to do a quick assessment of your chimneys and for a short description of common maintenance and repair strategies, read our Exterior Wall and Chimney information sheets.

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