Caring for Your House

Outhouse Doors

Port Sunlight’s outhouse doors contribute to the character of the village, and the original doors, if carefully maintained, could last for hundreds of years. If there is a problem, PSVT would always recommend repairing an original door rather than replacing it. Replacing an outhouse door will require Listed Building Consent from Wirral Council and permission from PSVT.

To keep your doors in tip-top condition:

  • Prevent wood rot in your doors by checking them regularly. Signs to watch out for are soft, brittle or crumbly wood; insects in the wood; cracked or flaking paint. In case of wood rot, contact a joiner. If there is any standing water around the door, you will need to deal with the problem to prevent further damage.
  • If your door is sticking, a qualified joiner will be able to adjust it if it has warped.
  • Dealing with deterioration in the paint finish can be a DIY job. Remember to check the right paint colour and finish for your door in the Schedule of Paint Colours.

For more detailed information about looking after your doors, and gaining consent to replace a door, download our Exterior Doors Information Sheet.