Caring for Your House

Rainwater Goods

Port Sunlight houses were built with cast iron rainwater goods, which include gutters, downpipes, hopper heads and associated straps and connections. Drains and gulleys are not protected features, but their maintenance and repair is critical.

Rainwater goods are essential to the performance of your roof and contribute to the heritage value of the Listed properties and the character of the Conservation Area. Inappropriate replacement rainwater goods, such as those made from uPVC or those which do not match the dimensions and profile of the original are a breach of heritage policy.

If properly maintained, cast iron rainwater goods can last for 100 years or longer. On-going maintenance and minor repairs are far more economical than like-for-like replacement. PSVT would always recommend maintenance and repair over replacement of original or appropriate cast iron rainwater goods. Replacement requires Listed Building Consent from Wirral Council and permission from PSVT.

For information on how to do a quick assessment of your rainwater goods and basic maintenance strategies, read our Rainwater Goods information sheet.