Caring for Your House


Roofing finishes contribute to the heritage value of the listed houses and the character of the Conservation Area. They are a protected feature. Minor repairs can be done on a like-for-like basis without consent. Large-scale repair or full replacement of roofing finishes requires Listed Building Consent from Wirral Council and permission from PSVT.

Properly maintained, clay and stone roofing can last for fifty years or longer. It may not be glamorous, but your roof and rainwater goods are your home’s most important defence against the elements. It makes sense to prioritise their maintenance and repair.

While roofing works are best left to competent roofers with experience working on Listed properties, you should check the overall health of your roof once a year. It is also prudent to check your roof after any major storms. This practice will help you to understand the overall ‘health’ of your roof.

What to look for?

Missing or cracked tiles or slates
Slipped tiles or slates
Open or cracked joints in the ridge tiles or at joints between flashing and masonry
Moss or other plant matter on the tiles, valleys, gutters or hopper heads
Surface loss or erosion of the slates
Rotted or splintered wood rafter ends or barge boards
Failing paint or finishes
Evidence of damp at the first floor ceilings, under eaves or near chimney breasts

You will not be able to see all of your roofs or indeed assess key aspects such as flashing from ground level. Contact a competent roofer with experience working on listed buildings, accredited building surveyor or architect to do this assessment for you.