Caring for Your House

Windows Front and Side

Find information about Timber Windows (at front and sides of your property) here.
Find information about Leaded Light windows here.
Find information about Metal Windows here.
Find information about consents for Rear Windows here.

All windows in Port Sunlight’s listed homes are protected features. This includes windows at the front, sides and rear of the property and roof lights. Windows contribute to the heritage value of the listed homes and the character of the conservation area.

If properly maintained, period windows can last for 100 years or longer. On-going maintenance and minor repairs are far more economical than like-for-like replacement. PSVT would always recommend maintenance and repair over replacement of an original or appropriate window. Replacement requires Listed Building Consent from Wirral Council and permission from PSVT.

For information on how to do a quick assessment of your windows, basic maintenance and draught-proofing strategies and common maintenance and repair strategies, read our window information sheets.