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Bring learning to life in your classroom with our loan collection

Take your pick from a range of fascinating, historical and fun collection pieces that help promote imagination, creativity and discovery. Each loan box will be accompanied by an activity pack and inventory list with supporting learning information to help with delivery in your classroom setting.

Changes Through Time

Be prepared to time travel through our changes through time loan box that houses an array of collection items from technology to toys.

Soap Story & The Village Wash Day

No washing machines here! Now is your chance to join in with the village wash day

War in the Village

How did the war effect the lives of people in the village? Our handling collection gives you a glimpse at life during the war in Port Sunlight.

The Village and The Band

Join in musical madness as we venture into the stories of the village band, did you know the village even had its very own band stand!

Victorian / Edwardian Costumes

Planning a Victorian or Edwardian dress up day in school? Look no further we have a lovely collection of mop caps, aprons, waist coats and flat caps suitable for primary school ages.

Toys from the Past

What was life like before the Xbox and iPad? How did children entertain themselves. Take a look through out collection and even play some historical games to take you back in time of toys from the past.

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