Current Projects

Insulating Port Sunlight

Status: In progress

Following the success of a pilot scheme involving 24 of PSVT’s tenanted properties, we are rolling out secondary glazing (supplied and fitted by Arctic Glaze Ltd) and other necessary energy efficiency works across the rest of our properties. Initially, this work was going to take place over ten years, however we’re very pleased to share that we’re fast tracking the work to now be completed in just three years. In 2024/25, a total of 78 properties will have work carried out to improve their energy efficiency at a total cost of £436,800. Work on the remaining properties will be done in 2025/26 and 2026/27.

That means over the next three years, we’ll be investing at least £1.3 million to make our tenants’ homes warmer, energy bills cheaper and a third of the village’s grade II listed properties fit for the future.