The World Reimagined is coming to Port Sunlight!

The World Reimagined is coming to Port Sunlight!

We’re delighted to announce that Port Sunlight will be taking part in The World Reimagined, a national art project offering free visitor trails that explore how we understand Transatlantic Slavery and its impact on society in the UK today.

Created by artists, these globes bring to life a UK-wide journey of discovery that reminds us all how Transatlantic Slavery is not just ‘Black History’ – it’s everyone’s shared history.

Until 31st Oct, the public will be able to follow a trail of 10 Globe sculptures across Liverpool City Region and PSVT is proud to be the sponsor partner of the Wirral’s own Globe sculpture, located at The Priory in Birkenhead.

What’s more, Port Sunlight will also be playing host to a smaller Learning Globe artwork, created by pupils from West Kirby Grammar School, at our SoapWorks venue.  Schools and community groups across the UK have used these globes to engage with themes designed to empower them in creating a future world where racial justice is a reality. Locally, the Learning Globes will form an additional free art trail through Liverpool City Region for the public to enjoy.

To learn more about SoapWorks click here.



The globe sculpture at Port Sunlight will be free to view. Trail visitors will also be able to enjoy half price to SoapWorks (open 10am-5pm, Wednesday-Sunday), a chance to uncover Port Sunlight’s own links to the colonial past.

We’ll shortly be announcing a program of exciting local activities linked to the themes explored by The World Reimagined, so keep an eye out for more information on this soon!

PSVT is incredibly thrilled to be a part of The World Reimagined project – especially as we continue to reckon with the duality of the village’s founder, William Lever: a philanthropist and social pioneer on the one hand, but a determined colonialist businessman on the other.

The World Reimagined is a chance for our visitors and residents to consider the important parallels between Transatlantic Slavery and the later enforced labour practices at Lever’s plantations in Central Africa and the Solomon Islands.

Most importantly, the project inspires us all to acknowledge the complex legacies of the past as we shape the stories that will lead us towards a brighter future for everyone.

To learn more about The World Reimagined’s free public trail in Liverpool City Region, visit