History Detectives – Studying the Census

From £100 per class + VAT

This workshop enables participants to become detectives for the day to explore local census data to discover the history of past residents of the village and locate where their houses are on the day of their visit, the perfect edition to your local history studies. We explore the infamous tale of a past resident Elizabeth Leather, stewardess and survivor of the Titanic, to inspire the students on their census detective journey. All participants will also receive a design your own Port Sunlight house sheet to complete back at school/home inspired by what they’ve seen throughout the day. The perfect edition to your local history studies.


£100 per class + VAT as a standalone workshop, includes entry to SoapWorks, £200 per class + VAT for full day experiences.


1 hour 15 minutes

Group Size

Up to 40 participants at one time (inclusive of adult helpers)

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