Soap Making & Victorian Wash Day

From £120 per class + VAT

Join Lever’s factory team as you learn how to make your very own Soap, melt, and pour style. To kickstart the session we’ll be stepping back in time to provide participants with an insight into the workings of a traditional Victorian wash day and even have a chance to don a mop cap and apron as they scrub away those pesky stains with Sunlight Soap.

Participants will then have the opportunity to design and make their very own bars of Soap to take home. Soap Box templates will be provided to the group to take back to school/home to complete, inspired by learning surrounding art and advertisement seen on their journey around the museum. Soap Making sessions are tailored for groups aged 7+ due to handling of hot liquid.


£120 per class + VAT as a standalone workshop, includes entry to SoapWorks, £215 per class + VAT for full day experiences.


1 hour 45 minutes

Group Size

Up to 40 participants at one time (inclusive of adult helpers)

Learning Outcomes

KS1 – Local History study and the impact Lever made on the Wirral, identifying similarities and differences over time

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